All Things Cozi

All Things Cozi

Welcome to All Things Cozi!! I am so excited to have you here!

Join me as we navigate through the world of natural skincare. Together we will learn so much about how we can take care of ourselves better without breaking the bank.

Latest from the Blog

Be gone dry skin!

Tips that have worked for me to eliminate dry skin

Balm VS Butter

I used to ask myself constantly which is better between a body balm or butter. Do you ask yourself the same question? Well, today I’m going to share what I have learnt about balms and butters and leave it up to you which you prefer. It’s important to note that these 2 products have plentyContinue reading “Balm VS Butter”

The rise and fall of eczema

I have ezcema. That for me, is a loaded statement. Why?… Well, simply because eczema makes taking care of your skin that much more difficult. But let me start this story from the very beginning. In my early teens, I started getting rashes on my neck, behind my knees, by my armpits ,close to myContinue reading “The rise and fall of eczema”

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